Pennsic Science Fair

Master Kirk FitzDavid reports that an album of photos chronicling the Pennsic "Science Fair" has been posted by Lord Kenric from Ealdormere.

According to Master Kirk, the object of the "science fair" was to enhance the Pennsic experience by letting passersby try projects and ask questions of the artisans.

Lord Kirk writes:

For those of you who didn't go to Pennsic or were too busy the Wednesday of the war to make it to merchantland, Fernando and I had conspired to liven up the Pennsic experience. We planned on taking over a street in the merchant area and setting up a bunch of stations where our people could work on arts and science projects out where passers-by could see them. We encouraged people to ask questions and tried to show that making things was so easy and practical that it could be done in the middle of an event. Ultimately, we had about two dozen volunteers working on a dozen or so different projects. And we tried to put on the best show with our most period tools and outfits.

Lord Kenric from Ealdormere has kindly posted pictures of the science fair on his web page.


The Science Fair was the brainchild of Master Kirk and Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon, both of the Kingdom of Calontir.