Rapier Broken Field Battle -- Up Close and Personal

SCAtoday.net's Iustinos Tekton shares the results of a rare photo opportunity, after being allowed to photograph the Rapier Broken Field Battle at Pennsic 34 from the Marshal station at the center of the battlefield itself.

When Her Majesty Noelle asked me to accompany Her entourage to photograph them during the rapier melee at Pennsic, it sounded like an interesting and fun photo assignment. Through the kindness of the Marshal-In-Charge (who, by the way, did not know that I was there at the request of Her Majesty, but rather was just being a really nice person) I was permitted to stand within a ring of hay bales at the center of the battlefield, right next to the Marshals.

Sometimes the action was close, sometimes not, but there were a few photos where I had an uncommonly close viewpoint from right up the center of the battle line. I hope you enjoy the photo album!