Justus fils de Ternon Knighted at Pennsic 34

Justus fils de Ternon, squire of Viscount Syr Ternon de Caerleon, was knighted on the battlefield of Pennsic by the hands of Robert and Denise, 49th Crown of Atlantia. His Majesty Atlantia, Sir Robert de Rath, held the sword.

Their Calon Majesties Tristram and Katrine also took part in the ceremony, receiving the squire belt on behalf of Syr Ternon.

This occurred before the field battle at the 34th Pennsic War, Anno Societatis 40 Being August 19th 2005 on the modern calendar.

Checked out the pictures of the ceremony

Checked out the pictures of the ceremony and was very impressed. Take a look at: http://ruaidhri.smugmug.com/gallery/755656/1 He certainly brings honor and glory to his God, his Kingdom, His Maid and His Parents.