Liberal Arts at Yale: A Lesson in Multitasking

No more apologies for that philsophy degree! Harvard historian Warren Goldstein discusses the importance of a liberal arts education.

In a world of scientific and business degrees, some scholars still see the value of the liberal arts. One of them is Harvard historian Warren Goldstein who dicusses Yale University's emphasis on the humanities.

According to Susan Crown, a Chicago investment banker,

"A liberal arts education teaches you how to think: how to analyze, how to read, how to write, how to develop a persuasive argument. These skills are used every day in business." She goes further: "A liberal arts education also offers the ability to focus on large ideas. We live in a world where everyone is multitasking, often skimming the surface and reacting to sound bites. But as undergraduates, we had the opportunity to read great literature and history, to focus and to consider. This developed a standard of depth and care that calibrates our work for the rest of our lives."