Glacier War II

Come join Oertha as her finest Rapier fighters test their skills on the battlefield. Various scenarios are planned to include a VIP escort, and other surprises.

Glacier War II
17244 Santa Maria Dr.
Eagle River, AK

Site opens:
8am- closes 8pm
Melee class 8am-10:30 am (for those not authorized)
Armor inspection 11-12pm
Marshal's meeting 11:30am ( all melee marshal's must attend)

Oertha's Band of the White Wolfs will be on site to hold the field for the wolves against the world get the spoils.....

WAR Conventions:

  1. Sides will be chosen after all fighters are signed in and inspected ( with exception of the Wolves against the world scenario)...
  2. Death from behind is valid
  3. Scenarios will be posted on Glacier War info on the Oerthan calendar One week prior to the war

Pot luck to follow last scenario......meats provided....plz bring side dishes and desserts.....

Lady Viola dei Carrara
(mka) Joyce Smith