Gryphon's College & Knights' Road Show

I invite you all to travel to Briaroak in the Summits on October 1-2 and attend a Southern Campus session of the Gryphon's College of the Summits. We are offering many courses on a variety of subjects at both the intermediate and beginner level, taught by instructors both local and from out of our area, including our own Prince Berek. Gryphon's College courses are taught on Saturday , Oct 1 in Jackson Hall, UCC. The Knight's Road Show will be Sunday, Oct 2, at the UCC soccer field.

Gryphon's College and Knights Road Show
Oct 1st and 2nd, 2005
Sponsored by Shire of Briaroak

Site opens 9am on Saturday Oct 1 and 10am on Sunday Oct 2, closing at 6pm both days. No onsite camping or lodging available. Limited crash space is available: contact Lady Amie Dudley to make arrangements. A discount will be offered at the Super8 Motel in Roseburg exit 127.

Autocrat: Lady Amie Dudley (Amy Walker)

Dean of College: Edouard de Bruyeres

Site fee $8.00 (plus any course fees)

Class list:

  • Chivalry and Etiquette - Prince Berek
  • Tentmaking - Mistress Mira Silverlock
  • Basic Calligraphy: Gothic Textura - Mistress Leah bat Yehiel
  • Intermediate Calligraphy: Batarde - Mistress Leah bat Yehiel
  • Basic Turnshoe 101 - Randall the Redoubtable
  • Tasselled Camel BellyDance - Idena of the Tasselled Camel
  • 16th Century German Clothing - Beginning - HL Katrine de Saint Brieuc
  • 16th Century German Clothing - Intermediate - HL Katrine de Saint Brieuc
  • Intro to the SCA - HL Elaine de Montgris
  • Sow's ear to Silk Purse: Dayshade adapted to 'period' pavilion -
  • HL Elaine de Montgris
  • So You think You Want to Autocrat - HL Anneka Grace
  • Autocratting the Large Event - HL Anneka Grace
  • Behind the Tapestry - Viscountess Nedezhda Volynskaya
  • A class on administration by Viscountess Callista Balgaire.
  • Turkish Coffee - Edouard de Bruyeres (this is a 9:00am 'wake up' class)
  • Games and Passtimes - Edouard de Bruyeres 2hrs lecture, 2 hrs practicum

Full course descriptions and fees

The schedule and pre-registration will be posted soon. Please check back.

Directions to Site: From I-5 take exit 129. from southbound turn left at the stop sign, go over the freeway turn left on Hwy 99 (north) go past light and turn right on to College drive follow the signs to the college. SCA signs will be posted. From Northbound turn left at the light onto Hwy99 (north) take first right on to College Drive.