Meridian Grand Tournament II - CANCELLED

Meridian Grand Tournament II September 2 - 4, 2005 (Correction to Pop Chiv) Woodman of the World Site: Hattiesburg, MS

Please join us for the 2nd annual tournament to determine those fighters with the highest prowess, pageantry, and chivalry. This prestigious set of challenges will test the mettle of Meridies' best in many different styles of fighting sponsored by various orders. Winners in each style will proceed with selected others to meet on the Grand Field to determine the Grand Champion of Meridies. On this bittersweet occasion we take this last chance to celebrate Meridies, as a singular glorious Kingdom, before our western brethren of Gleann Abhann begin their epic journey into the uncharted lands of sovereignty as the SCA's newest Kingdom. Meridians rally to your Crown, Gleann Abhann attend your Prince. Warriors don harness and helm, hoist your banners, put on your household livery, grab your list tree shield *, hold close the honor of your inspiration and attend. At this illustrious event we encourage participants, consorts and spectators to bring your best pavilions banners and field displays. Households come bedecked in you finest livery (there will be a populace choice competition for best heraldic field display). We also wish all to bring their artistry and enjoy this day of camaraderie on and off the field of honor. In Chivalric fashion all combatants are encouraged to bear a token of the gentle that inspires them to attempt the deeds of arms for the day. Further all ladies are encouraged to bring a token and present it to a combatant to inspire them for the day.

Children's Activities will be held during the day.

High Feast for the first 125 reservations in the hall, with an additional service of 50 "backdoor" feasts available.

8:00 am Armor Inspection
8:30 am Opening Ceremonies
8:45 am Qualifying Tourneys Begin
8:45-9:30 Legion of the Bear tournament - Armatura
9:45-11:15 Rose Tournament - Sabre
11:30-1:15 Chalice Tournament - Open weapon style
1:30-2:15 Sable Sword Tournament - Open weapon style (Champions)
2:30-3:45 OVO Tournament - Great Weapons Only
3:45 pm Orders meet to determine chosen champions
4:00 pm Champions' Process
4:15 pm Grand Tournament
TBD Royal Court with Feast/Revel to follow

Prices -Non members add $3 (Adults Only)
Cabins Onboard: $22 Adults/$13 for child (6-12 yrs)
Cabin Offboard: $17 Adult/ $8 Child
Tenting: $16 Adults/$10* Child (correction to the August PC)
Tenting Offboard: $11 Adult/ $5 Child
Daytrip Onboard: $13 Adult/$7 Child -
Daytrip Offboard $8 Adult / $5 Child* (*correction to August PC)

Event Steward:
Ld. AElven Roeys

Countess Meaghan Arsmith

Head Cook:
THL Magdalena de Segovia

Tournament Coordinator (tournament questions)
THL Ulrich Von Brandenburg

Directions: Take I-59 to just Northeast of Hattiesburg; exit Number 73 (Monroe Rd.) Turn East, turn right at stop sign, go 2.3 miles. The site will be on the right just past the bridge.