Crestfallen Tourney & Investiture Celebration

With much joy we invite all to join us as we welcome our new Baron and Baroness of Bergental, Lyle FitzWilliam and Elwynne Rowenna of Wentworth. In celebration there will be our traditional Crestfallen Tournament to choose their new heavy weapons champion, as well as merchants, games and races. We are also doing a color court, and encourage all who wish to share in this part of the celebration to wear black and gold. A lavish dayboard will be provided for the enjoyment of all.

But wait, what's this? A NEW baron and baroness? Baron Syr Kai may have something to say about that! As may his good and gracious lady, the Baroness Michalene -- but what are those papers in her hand? Letters from friends and relatives in Italy and Sicily? Come to Bergental and bear witness as these matters are resolved! Then please stay on, as we continue the celebration with a sumptuous feast.

Here are Descriptions/Rules of Crestfallen Tourney:
NOTE: The description includes the rules for the tourney, but fighters should be aware that sometimes there are variations in how the tourney is fought. If the rules differ from those on the web site, they will be clearly explained at the event. The one constant is that each fighter MUST wear a crest on his/her helmet, which it is possible to remove with a sword in combat. There will be some crests available at the event, in case a fighter is not able to make or have a crest made for him/her.

There is some room for merchants and crash space is available if needed. Please contact the autocrat for more information.

SITE (includes dayboard)
Adult members $8
Adult non-members $11
Ages 12 - 17 $5
Under 12 Free
Reservations must be received by September 3rd

Adults $8,
Ages 8-12 $4

Emele Schuolerin (Clarissa Adan)

From North or South Take I-91 to exit -- I-291 North. Take I-291 North to exit 5 (Route 20A W/US 20 East) E.Springfield/Indian Orchard. ** Take Route 20A W E.Springfield/Chicopee Falls (Page Blvd). Turn left onto Roosevelt Ave for 3 miles. Continue straight onto Island Pond Rd. The church is on the left at the corner.

From the East or West take Mass Pike I-90 to exit 6 (I-291 south). Take I-291 for 1 mile to exit 5 (Route 20A/US 20E) E. Springfield/ Indian Orchard. Follow from ** above.