Sword Stolen from Pennsic Merchant

Lord Calum Munro reports that a Scottish claymore of great sentimental value was stolen from the front of a merchant booth at Pennsic 34. He asks that SCA members be on the lookout for the sword.

Lord Calum writes:

Greetings all,

I would ask that you please watch for a Scottish claymore that was stolen at Pennsic. Please feel free to post this information on other lists as well.

The sword is a traditional Scottish two handed claymore. Both the blade and furniture are rather rusty and in poor condition, with the tip of one quillion is broken off. There may be a piece of tartan tied around the hilt. The sword was stolen from in front of a merchant on the Serengetti known as Father, Son and Friends sometime during the second week of War.

The merchant (Joey Hall) is of Scottish ancestry and has placed the sword outside of his tent in the way of the clans for many years. The sword is of great sentimental value, having been brought over from Scotland by Joey's great grandfather.

Any information may be relayed through me, as Joey is having computer difficulties. The sword may be returned no questions asked, if it is discovered in your possession, charges will be pressed on the bodily remains.

Hoping to be able to draw and quarter the thief,

Lord Calum Munro, Master Chirurgeon
mka Mike Thomas