Calontir's Fourth Company Called to Arms

Lady Rebecca and Count Fernando report that Calontir's Fourth Company has been called by Their Majesties to fight at the Estrella War. Count Fernando writes:

Fourth Company - The Crown Calls Us to War!

As the winter winds extend their icy grip on the Heartland, the horns of war are sounding from the lands to he Southwest. The Crown's Heralds call the muster, and the Falcon Host takes wing once more to stand beside the Stag and the Dolphin!

My friends look around you! You'll see the Chivalry, the Fyrd, the Hirth, and Men-at-arms, preparing their harness and putting their blades to the honing wheel. In less than 1 month they ride to war. But they will not ride alone. For the Army of Calontir is far more than just warriors and archers. Alone the bravest troops might hold a while, but they would quickly feel the drain of the cruelest of foes. The shields of First Company cannot stand against the attack of the desert sun. Hunger and thirst cannot be driven back by the spears of the Second Company.

Those tasks fall to us - to the Fourth Company!

Will you stand in our ranks upon the windswept fields of Estrella?

Will you be a part of Their Majesties forces? Part of something far larger than the simple sum of its parts?

Will you see the smile of a fighter as he drags himself to you for that much needed drink?

Will you be where you can see the action? When it comes time for the tales and legends to be told around the fires, will you actually remember them, and not just image them? Will you be a part of them?

Will your sense of accomplishment from the war be more than just a good bargain on Merchant's Row?

Will you know in your heart, that without you, some of the fighters ould have been unable to continue, or even take the field the next day?

Will you, at the end of a hard day's work, as you lounge with the army - cup of soup in hand, realize first hand just how good that soup tastes to the fighters?

If you stand with Fourth Company you will!

To aid in the war preparations, please contact me that I may know who will be available.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,