Pennsic XXXIV from an Ealdormerean POV

Laird Colyne Stewart, Ealdormerean Correspondent, reports on the happenings at Pennsic War XXXIV, including Visible Ninjas, succubi, battles and more.

Pennsic War XXXIV Event Report, Aug 14 – 20, 2005
Laird Colyne Stewart

This is obviously only one poor scribe’s attempt to capture all that went on at War. With an event numbering over 10, 000 participants and spanning two weeks it is impossible to write down everything that transpires. For instance, I know that Ealdormere’s archers, fencers and youth combatants all did very well, but I do not know details. I’m sure I’ve forgotten all kinds of things that I was involved with personally. At any rate, here’s my attempt to recreate this year’s Pennsic War.

Our Pennsic 34 odyssey began on Saturday Aug 13. My brother Shane (who has been to a grand total of one SCA event) was having his Jack and Jill that day. I was at first aggrieved, as I had tried very hard to make the Unbelted team for this Pennsic, and the tournament was after opening ceremonies on Sunday. So we resolved to go and work at the Jack and Jill until 10 pm, go home, pack, sleep until 4 am and leave. That would get us on site around 10 am barring any difficulties—just in time to armour and fight. I ended up packing the car in advance, and it was a good thing I did. We were having so much fun at the Jack and Jill we didn’t end up leaving until midnight. We briefly toyed with the idea of going home and sleeping for a few hours, but instead left right for Pennsic from the hall.

The drive was uneventful, and we got through the border quickly. The border guard did ask us if we had any rocks in the car, since Þorfinna’s birth place in her passport was listed as Sudbury. “Sudbury’s full of rocks, right?

Said "hairy robed fellow"

Said "hairy robed fellow chanting in Latin" was Calontir's byzantine glory Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis, OL, OP, Huscarl, etc., a dear friend. (aka the Calontir Trim guy) I'm very grateful to Drix for his contribution (latin and heraldry) to the court.