"Timeline" Inspires Huge Medieval Event

SCAdians are invited to join the fun in Mont St. Anne, Quebec, Canada when the city will play host to thousands of people attending a medieval event in October 2005. The site will use sets and props from the movie Timeline.

Lady Cathrine de Monserrat of the Barony of Ile du Dragon Dormant, writes:


My name is Lady Cathrine de Monserrat Chatelaine of the fair Barony of Ile du Dragon Dormant -Montreal, Canada-

I was invited to a meeting for the first of a yearly event which will start this year from 8th to the 16th of October. I was shown the grounds, and it is huge. The people behind it were involved in the Movie "Timeline", and they are using many of the decors and movie sets from the movie. The site is in Mont St. Anne, Quebec, Canada, it is besides a 4-stars hotel that is known for ski. We are able to use most of the land for a huge Medieval event open to garbed public that we can use to promote the SCA, and unequalled anywhere in the world. Pennsic being larger, but not open to the general pubic. They expect 60,000 to 120,000 people during the whole 9 days the event will last.

They will put banners to hide the Hotel as best they can, and on everything mundane. The event will be open to the public, and the entrance fee will include pilgrim garb for all who are not garbed in the proper period (Fall of Rome 476 AD to 1492). As the event will be historically correct. Once the people pass through the Medieval gates they are in a forested area on a path until they leave. This is where the Medieval recreation begins, and they will see the Timeline sets. The event is to help launch a new interest in everything Medieval, and help educate the public of how it really was. This will help promote all artisans. There will be at least 3 period Medieval feasts served and prepared like it was back then, garb required or no entrance. There will be farm animals, and horses, and even a joust with pre jousting ceremonies, and a knighting as done historically. There will be nothing modern allowed on site. Handicapped people will be admitted only on 1 or 2 of the weekdays only. At this time all Montreal Medieval groups are being contacted.

The grounds are divided into three sections: the "market" or "fair" section, the period, authentic section, and the fantasy, heroic-style section. Please note that people from the "period" section can cross over to the fantasy one, but the opposite is not true.

The web site is not yet translated in English, but you can see what it is about and if you have any questions you can contact me, and I can translate the section. The site is being translated into English as we speak, and should be online in 1 to 2 weeks (after Pennsic).

I consider this like a very large Demo that we can all use with the public garbed for once.

What they would want from the SCA:

  • Anyone that wants to **teach** anything having to do with Medieval life.
  • **Guest Speakers** Medieval subjects.
  • Merchants of all kinds. From food vendors to Armor, weapons, etc.
  • Bards, minstrels (period instruments only). Or you can show people how to do or make things, like leather working, metal smithing, embroidery, etc.
  • **Mead** making, and or tasting.
  • **Period Food** selling on site.
All who participate will be lodged and fed (3 Meals and snacks), and a minimal fee will be paid. Contact me for details, and conditions.

For Merchants coming from the USA, if there are any that are interested please contact me ASAP. I asked the organizers if they could facilitate the crossing of the border for you and your inventory, and I was told that with the contacts that they have that it shouldn't be a problem. Given that that Provincial ministries and offices are involved in this project, it looks promising. I'd like to point out that this means 9 days open for sales. Contact me again for details, and conditions.

If you have any questions let me know. Contact me at cathrinedemonserrat@videotron.ca

In Service,

Lady Cathrine de Monserrat (AOA),
Founding member of La Maison du Vrai Grimoyre,
Scholar of the League of Rapier (Black Cord),
Chatelaine, and Historian,
Barony of L'Ile du Dragon Dormant