Mystic Mail Adds New Services for Pennsic 34 is once again coming to you live from the Pennsic War, with the support of the kind folks at Mystic Mail, who have added new features this year.

Inbound and outbound FAX service is available on site this year. They are using an Internet-based voice-over-IP (VoIP) service to carry the FAX information. They've also updated hardware on their rental PCs this year, and are offering more space for users who bring their own laptops.

Lady Ailís, a co-owner and manager of Mystic Mail, says that people use the service for surprising things. College students come into the booth -- which is disguised on the outside to look like a fortune teller's shack -- to keep up with their coursework using "distance learning" web tools, and there is at least one instructor who is actually teaching a distance learning course at Pennsic using Mystic Mail's connectivity.

Pennsic-going SCAdians who have modern jobs that require frequent online access have praised the availability of Internet at Pennsic, period or not, because without it, some professionals would not be able to attend or would only be able to be on site for a shorter time. thanks Ailís and the rest of the Mystic Mail team for making it possible for us to offer live content from War each year.