Grad Course in Education for Pennsic

Lord Tobyn Kembold of Dragon's Heorth has announced that the University of Rhode Island Education Department will offer graduate-level credit for attending the Pennsic War.

Lord Tobyn writes:

Well folks.. here it is again for those of you who didn't get the barrage of arguments and support years ago...

The University of Rhode Island Education Dept folk heard of the many and diverse mix of "things" to do at Pennsic (not the drinking and the adult-fun - the mini-courses, the athletics (if you will), the culture and the merchanting wares) and thought, as I have many a time, "wouldn't it be amazing to get the teachers of Western Civ, fencing and archery, music and drama, etc out there to sample some of the ideas and antics to take home.

They asked for it and I gladly assembled it but finding 15 brave souls in RI alone was not going to be easy and we have always found about 10-12 before they get scared and slowly diminish...

So the University of RI asked me to offer it to out-of-staters. In a nutshell... it is 3 Graduate credits in Education (EDC) from a real state university for $400 and some pretty do-able paperwork. I have updated the website as best possible (it seems skittish on AOL) but that is it. PLEASE send a quick mail to anyone in the teaching profession in any area.. we have had interest from librarians, PE, science, history, drama, music, elementary and middle school as well so pass the word QUICKLY as the deadline to have the paperwork and payment (not the coursework - the registration form) is September 1.

I will be in B6 Archer's Glen if anyone needs help. I am doing this because I hope it excites some new life into history lessons particularly, attracts new members [both teacher and maybe student], spreads the community larger and yet also joins us closer. Anyone who wants more info by phone can call me as well from the number on the website. The email however.. not the "rebel alliance" one on the website (I was hoping the server would get updated before I sent this but alas, time has run out!

I will be on the road to Pennsic and in camp by Wednesday for sure so don't be a stranger if you even want to ask about it.

Hope someone gets the message; it is a shame for anyone to not get credit where credit is due and this, to me, seems worthy of it... in its own way. Also if anyone wants to complain, please forward all insults and derogatory comments through my filter at :-)

 IYS Lord Tobyn Kembold of Dragon's Heorth, Grandmaster Bowman, Sagittarius, AoA, Land Agent for Archer's Glen (and bleary eyed web-designer at the moment)