AEthelmearc Fencing Laurel Vigil and Elevation at Pennsic

Baron Quinn Kerr will be sent to vigil to contemplate his elevation to the Order of the Laurel at the end of Opening Ceremonies at the Pennsic War, on Sunday morning, August 14. Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for 11:00 am on the battlefield near the fort, or in the barn in case of rain.

Baron Quinn received a Writ of Summons to the Laurel for his research in and teaching of period rapier combat techniques from Malcolm and Tessa, King and Queen of AEthelmearc, in early July.

The first two hours of the vigil are reserved for peers; after that time the populace is invited to attend to give Baron Quinn their good wishes. The vigil will last through the day until all guests are gone.

The vigil will be held in the combined Talbot's Keep/St. Swithin's Bog Camp II in block B07, west of the battlefield. Follow Agincourt toward the archery range, turn left onto Tours, and enter through the Talbots Keep camp gate. Refreshments will be in the Great Hall at the Keep.

Baron Quinn's elevation ceremony will be held before the Rapier Champion's Tournament, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 3:00 pm on the rapier battlefield.