Atenveldt Crown Tournament: New Heirs to the Throne

Congratulations to Sir Jonathan von Trotha and Lady Deille of Farnham! Sir Jonathan von Trotha, fighting for Lady Deille of Farnham was victorious. The final -- best two out of three, weapon of choice -- was fought against Sir Cosmo Craven the Elder who fought for Sir Ismenia O'Moulryan. Sir Jonathan fought with sword and heater; Sir Cosmo fought with sword and center boss round shield. Sir Cosmo was the victor in the first bout; Sir Jonathan won the second and third bouts, becoming the victor and Heir to the Atenveldt throne.

The other semi-finalists were Lord Sean of the South, fighting for Lady Brigid (Lord Sean was bested by Sir Jonathan), and Count Gunthar, fighting for Her Ladyship Selene (Count Gunthar was bested by Sir Cosmo). Atenveldt's Crown Tournament is double elimination and weapon of choice. There were 41 combatants for this Crown Tourney. A list of combatants is on the Atenveldt Kingdom websiteunder News.