Happy Birthday! SCAtoday.net turns three -- Want to be part of the fourth year?

Three years ago this very minute, SCAtoday.net went online with our first story. Take a look at where we've been, and learn how you can be part of SCAtoday.net's future!

SCAtoday.net was born as a glimmer of an idea when Justin, who had previously maintained a modern-world commercial site of the same format (but technical content), thought, "Wouldn't it be neat to do something like that for the SCA?" In all honesty, Justin admits that the initial attraction was mostly the technical challenge of running a news portal on the web, but Milica's enthusiasm as Editor was contagious and soon hooked him in.

Technically-inclined Justin and editorially-inclined Milica were the first two staff members, but Heirusalem, a long-experienced Chronicler in the SCA and publisher in the modern world, soon joined the team, as did several regular contributing Reporters, including Karen Larsdatter, Jane Stockton, Colyne Stewart, and Catriona nic Hugh McLaey. We're also grateful for contributions by active readers who aren't formally part of the staff but whose regular story contributions are valued very much! In 2004, we were pleased to become the official email home of Aoife's Links.

The Hall of Fame page offers some interesting statistics on SCAtoday.net's growth. As of this writing, there are 3634 stories published, with 1355 of them being published in the last year -- an average of over 100 stories per month. The original goal of the site was "at least one update every day" and "a few thousand visits a month," but the site currently averages about 3 stories and 3800 page views per day.

Milica and Justin, founders of SCAtoday.net, wish to express their thanks to all who have made this site a success beyond our wildest hopes -- Reporters, contributors, and most of all, our readers. Thanks for making this "labor of love" worthwhile for those of us on the staff by continuing to honor us with your online time.

Shameless Plug

No, we don't want your money -- we want you!

If you're a good writer and/or editor, we're always looking for new volunteers as staff Reporters and Editors! Currently, SCAtoday.net is seeking the following:

Kingdom "Beat" Reporters
We would love to have more news from kingdoms where none of our current staff members live! We monitor the email lists, but it's just not the same as having someone there in person to report on notable events. Tell us of valorous deeds on (and off) the tourney field. Share the pageantry of Coronation and the chivalry of Crown Tourney as only an eyewitness can! There is no minimum number of stories, no deadline pressure -- just cover the major events, and contribute other stories when you have time and are so inclined.
Calendar Editor
Help maintain the SCAtoday.net calendar as the premiere source for event listings across the Known World by finding and posting events from many kingdoms, and by editing and approving the many event notices that are sent to SCAtoday.net by groups around the world.
Recipe Editor
Did you know SCAtoday.net has recipes online? Neither do most others! We want to fix that by recruiting someone with culinary skills to locate recipes from around the SCA and the world of historical research, secure permission to publish them, and add them to our online library.

If you are interested in any of the above, or if you have an idea of something you would like to do that isn't listed here, please contact us online, or visit us at Pennsic War 34. Justin and Milica camp with Erevnite Asteron (a household) in Block N22, just north of the North Gate along Count Jehan's Bounty.

We hope to hear from you soon!