Populace Petitions BoD to Grant Duke Title to HRM Andreas

As His Majesty Andreas heads off to war in the modern world, a petition is circulating to allow Him to receive the title of Duke even though He may not complete the reign as King. Recently, we reported (http://scatoday.net/story.php?search_id=N-20030113-142454-0003) that His Majesty Andreas, King of the East, has been called to active duty in the U.S. armed forces. Because of this, He will likely not complete His reign as King and therefore would technically be ineligible for the title of Duke. Her Majesty Isabella, Queen of the East, has recently circulated the following open letter to the populace of the Known World, asking that the Board of Directors grant an exception to the Dukal policy in light of the extenuating circumstances:

Greetings unto the Knowne World Royal Peers, Bestowed Peers of Our Great Society, Officers of the East Kingdom, and Populace of the East and Knowne World:

As some may or may not know, Andreas Eisefalke von Ulm, King of the East Kingdom, has been called into action to defend our great country in the Middle East. Although we are assured and proud that our country is getting our "best," such a departure has saddened us and thrusts us into prayers for his safe return and the end to the darkness that looms over the world in it present situation. King Andreas was in the middle of his reign when such call came and therefore he had to leave suddenly. Such sudden departure, by pre-empting him from completion, by Corpora may prevent him from receiving his Ducal title. Andreas has now served twice as King of our great kingdom and although he was not able to complete His second reign, He gave the populace his all unselfishly and with full heart. Given the circumstances of these trying and unusual times and the very nature of the reason for cessation of King Andreas' ability to be present at his Last Court, I and many others feel it necessary to petition the Board of Directors to allow the bestowing of this title.

Consequently, it has come to Our attention and the attention of the Board of Directors, because of the nature of this case, that it is considering a petition regarding these most important issues. The Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2003.

Therefore, I most humbly request all those who are moved by this circumstance and take issue with King Andreas' preclusion from his Ducal title, to write a letter to Our Kingdom Ombudsman, Sir Rhodri ap Gwythyr (Paul Foster) at pafoster@earthlink.net or by mail to present your stand for Andreas that such Corpora law should be set aside in this instance because of its nature.

Should you prefer to contact Sir Rhodri by mail, be advised that he should receive all letter byWednesday, January 22, 2003. You may contact me at queen@eastkingdom.org for Sir Rhodri's address.

I am clear that this present situation will soon become a major concern touching everyone in our Society. I thank you for your support, love and passion for what's right and just in these most difficult times of War.

I am ever in service to the Dream of Our mighty cause,

Isabella of York
Queen of the East