Punkin' Chunkin'

To arms! To Arms! The enemy is upon us! Now is the time for War!!! The terrible, evil, stinky, nasty "bad guys" seek to thwart our valiant populace and raid them of their bounteous harvest. The enemy has brought their siege weapons and warriors but we shall prevail behind our strong castle walls. Siege is the theme. Polish your armor, pack up your pavilions, banners, war drums and camp followers and prepare for a week-end of battles most noble and more fun than you can shake a sword at. Come one, come all to our aid and help us defend our lands and celebrate the harvest. The more the merrier!

The siege weapons competition is for accuracy only not distance. The target is a 'castle' wall with a small decorative pumpkin. Points given for striking the wall; for striking certain marked spots you get extra points (like putting one through the window and hitting the lord of the castle). Distance about the length of a soccer field.

The Kitchen Wars competition offered in the past will be done at this event and many of the same rules apply. You will not be required to provide feast for the event as before but only for those lucky 7 who have bid and won the right to be judges. So get your teams together and be one of the four teams to via for the Broken Cauldron. For more information contact the autocrat.

The prize tourney is one designed for war. All armor will be set in the eric. Fighters are to be off the eric, 'asleep'. At the call to arms (the nasty, evil, stinky 'bad guys' are also very sneaky and arrived during the night) the fighters will enter the eric and put on their armor as quickly as possible and then pass inspection before the actual tourney begins. Prize to the tourney winner and to the one who dons their armor the quickest and still pass inspection. Multiple scenarios available.

Rapier tourney will be within 'castle walls'. Lady Viola is in charge.

After the days fighting, join the vanquished and the victors in a celebration harvest feast. Feast will be potluck by the first letter of your modern last name: A-F- vegatables; G-M - starches; N-T - desserts; U-Z - breads, spreads and cheeses. Meat dish provided.

Best death and best kill (heavy and rapier) Kitchen Wars teams ( to be judged by a panel of judges) Baronial A&S Competition (Bardic Arts) - stories, songs and tall tales of heroic deeds done on the tourney field or in battles long past. Best Harvest theme dish (documentation not needed but a plus)

Site fee: Adults: $10; Children 12 to 4 - $5; Children 3 and under free.

Autocrat: Elspeth Bouchannane (Jacki Frederick) e-mail: edenwild@mtaonline.net