Rabid Yale Slain in Northshield

Berenice Calvina reports on comic moments from Coldedernhale's Rabid Yale Hunt held recently in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Berenice Calvina writes:

Despite a heat index over 112 degrees last weekend, the Rabid Yale Hunt in Coldedernhale was successful and the yale was slain. But not without it's humerous moments...

Lord Hagan of Svaty Sebesta consented to be the Rabid Yale, and took on two groups of three fighters, all armed with long spears. Hagan fought with two swords. Despite the heat and the skill of the fighters, Hagan nearly defeated them all, and was only cut down after putting them all on the run and killing at least four.

"Best Cartoon Moment" award goes to Lord Richard MacLouie of Shattentor: the yale charged under his spear, Richard backpedeled at a VERY high rate of speed across half the field, finally turning and fleeing. Right into a tree, which he smacked with arms outstretched a la Wiley Coyote (the yale finished what the tree left, killing him with one slash).

"Best Monty Python Moment" award goes to Lord Kieran MacMartin of Svaty Sebesta: the yale charged under his spear, and remembering the demise of Lord Richard (see above) Kieran wisely dropped his spear, turned tail and fled to shouts of "RUN AWAY" from the spectators. As Kieran was rounding a tree at a high rate of speed ... his breeches fell off, causing him to stumble and fumble right in front of an appreciative crowd. (The yale had broken off the pursuit and was chasing some other poor schmuck.)

Other highlights of the weekend included moonlit swimming until at least 4 in the morning - there is nothing like a smokin' hot event to make one appreciate the Missouri River - some wonderful A&S exhibits, and a lot of riveting fighting. Thanks to one and all!!

Berenice Calvina