Stowe's Tavern Feast

Stowe on the Wowld's Annual Tavern Feast is On Again!! With the Depths of Winter upon us the Tavern Feast this year is to have a suitably Norse flavour. Many activities will be taking place so read on...

Daytime games and activities to be indulged in will be...

  • A Holmgangr Tourney* (Battle on the Hide) with rules to be provided prior to and on the day.
  • Kubb* one version of the rules can be found here
  • the board games Hnefatafl* (pron. Hnef-ah-tahbi - King of the Table) and Nine Men's Morris (visit for the rules or, for a warm up game visit
  • AND depending on negotiations with the local Axe Throwing competition!
  • for the big & little kids we will have a Feltmaking Corner where the making of throwing balls, small pouches and flat felt for sewing up later on will be pounded into shape
  • cordials & fruit will be available during the day.

There will also be two A&S competitions held. One being for a Norse textile item and, naturally, the other is for a non-textile Norse item. Items to be submitted by 2.30pm.

During the feast the board games will continue, along with an Arm Wrestling competition and a retelling of the Sagas of Old...spoken or sung. There will be suitably nordic prizes awarded to the winners of all competitions

The feast is to be dairy and onion free but please advise the Steward, when booking if you have any food allergies or specific dietary requirements!

*All rules for the Holmgangr Tourney, Hnefetafl and Kubb, along with the menu, will be posted prior to the event.

WHEN ~ Saturday, 20th August, 2005
TIMES ~ Site opens Noon, Lists open 12.30pm, Tourney begins 1pm, Feast at 6pm/ends at 11pm
WHERE ~ Pendle Hill Scout Hall, Civic Park, Civic Avenue, Pendle Hill, Sydney. See map at - the hall is very close to Pendle Hill railway station, shops, bottleshop & atm.


  • prebooked members/college members $18 for entire day/night or feast only
  • prebooked non-members $20 for entire day/night or feast only
  • day only rate is a flat fee of $5 NOTE - non booked attendees at the feast may be turned away depending on final numbers
  • non booked members/college members $20 ~ non booked non members $25
  • if wishing to join in on the feltmaking then please bring another $3 for materials unless you can provide your own washed wool tops.