A Vigiling at Simple Day

Their Majesties Alaric and Noelle of the Middle Kingdom have placed Sir Raedwulf Caveron O’Dell on vigil for the Order of the Pelican. Mistress Heirusalem Crystoma files this report on the joyous occasion.

Several hundred people gathered at the The Road To Pennsic, The Barony of Sternfeld’s annual Simple Day in the Country in the Middle Kingdom, on July 30. The day was sunny, and much of the Midrealm Army took advantage of the weather to practice at melees amid other jubilant activity. Victory and festivity were as strong as the July sun.

Just after 2:00, His Majesty of the Middle, Alaric, halted the fighting to address His troops and those who gathered to watch the combat. He spoke of the glory of days to come, of those present with Him, and of the brilliance of this day. Then He asked, “Are we having fun?