Sir Gregory Lockswan Reports on Lochac Fires

Master Denys the Decadent, reporting for Sir Gregory Lockswan, relays more news about the fires near Canberra, Australia. To the known world,

I just spoke with his excellency Sir Gregory Lockswan of Lochac and his home and family survived the recent fires in Camberra. He reported that many homes around him had been lost to the fire, but he and Sir Bran stayed behind to save Greg's home and a couple of others. He also reported the King and Queen of Lochac are being very supportive with cold beer, food and breakfast. He said, "it is just like camping at Pennsic in your home, except he lacks access to the famous Chocolate Milk." He also said, "getting your beer out of just an ice chest was rough and he could use a refrigerated tap system". Greg's home is singed, some smoke damage throughout, and his pool is filled with debris. They lack power and computer access, but other than his wife being mad at him for staying behind to fight the fire, all is well. He comically reports that when his son was told to pack for an emergency he packed his X-box and some games. It seems he didn't consider clothing. Greg "had to smile at his 'priorities'".

He also reports that as of this time, no SCA members have been injured in the fires, but the fire danger is increasing in northern of Camberra.

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Master Denys the Decadent
(one of Greg's Squires)

In a related article, Kiriel writes:

Donations to the Canberra Bushfire Recovery Appeal can be made at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank, the National Australia Bank, ACTAB agencies, and Canberra Connect Shopfronts. Arrangements for Telephone and Internet donations will be available later this week.

Cheques should be made payable to "Canberra Bush Fire Recovery Appeal" and mailed to Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 48 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 or handed in to any Branch of the Commonwealth Bank or at a Canberra Connect Shopfront.