Spring War XI

Mordenvale once again invites the citizens of the Kingdom of Lochac and the Known World to participate in the annual fighting, feasting and general good fun that is Spring War.

This year with the celebratory "Best of Eleven" theme this year of: GROGTOBERFEST

Event Timetable:
Site Open at 1pm. Arrive and set up.

Morning: Armour Inspections and Scenario Rules
Afternoon: War
Evening: Feast and entertainment.

Morning: Armour Inspection (if necessary) and War.
Afternoon: War
Evening: Dinner and Bardic Circle.

Site Closes at 1pm

Staden Drive, Lower Belford (6.5km from the intersection of Staden Drive and New England Highway). Staden Drive interects the New England Highway approx. 15 km south of Singleton and 3-5km north of Branxton.

Arts and Sciences:
We are hoping to have an extensive Arts and Sciences program at Spring War this year. We need your help. Collegia will be held in the Feasting tent. As such some protection is provided for collegia. Classes should be 1 hour in length, but longer collegia times are available where necessary and in consultation with the Arts and Sciences Officer of Mordenvale (Jane Stockton - jane_stockton@webcon.net.au).

If you would like to offer a collegia, please contact Jane Stockton (jane_stockton@webcon.net.au) with the following information:

  • Name (SCA and Mundane)
  • Title of Class
  • Participant Requirements

If you have never offered a collegia before, this is a great way to jump in and have a go at a relaxed event.

Competition: There will be an Arts and Sciences competition held at Spring War, the theme is "Something Martial". So anything to do with war/fighting etc - clothing, armour, tents, campaign furniture, marching songs etc etc. A date and time for judging will be announced when the schedule has been finalised.

The Spring War Steward wishes to encourage merchants who would enhance the atmosphere of the event and provide services for our visitors and contestants.

On the Sunday of the event there will be a market. Tables will be made available at a cost of $5 to those wishing to market their wares. We ask that you fill in the booking form space detailing your plans for us, so that we are aware of what will be available to the event attendees.

We do reserve the right to refuse some goods and services - obscene or offensive material will not be accepted, and due to the tight budget of the event we will not accept direct competition with the meal plan. Merchanting will only occur within the set time frame on Sunday; and only after having made a booking for a merchant space. Any other vendors selling out of this time or outside of the provided area (except the Tavern) will be more than likely set upon by the Constable and escorted out of the grounds.

Each attendant will get a booklet of information when they've booked. This booklet will have a section listing each merchant, their wares and approximate prices so that attendees can plan ahead in advance as to their purchases.

I will be available before and during the event to assist you with any issues.

You can contact me by email on thecameronz@iprimus.com.au .