AEthelmearc Woman Combines Business with Pleasure in the SCA

Historic costumer Maria Pienknepwootno (Linda Learn) was the subject of a 2005 report by Grace Dove of the Wyoming County (PA) Press Examiner. Dove discusses Maria's talent for creating costumes and her connection with the SCA.

Learn writes:

"I was always into the Middle Ages," she said. "This started out as a way to sell more fabric. Then it got into my blood. I got to meet some wonderful people, to have fun and be creative. It feeds the soul."
She is the owner of The Dragon's Magic, "a little Slavic fabric store" at SCA events.

Correction to article

I believe the article is now corrected. Please let us know if not, and thanks for pointing out the error.


Maria is the owner of A Dragon's Magic

Maria is the owner of A Dragon's Magic, the little Tudor fabric shop at Pennsic on the corner by the Shower House and the Cooper's Store, near Claus the toymaker (another talented Aethelmearcian).

Minor correction re: Maria & Dragon's Magic

Maria P is the owner of The Dragon's Magic, the Slavic house/fabric shop at Pennsic. It sits on the corner at the beginning of Bow Street: diagonal from Information Point, opposite Cooper's store and across the street from the bathhouse, close by the Guild of Limners (Baroness Megan), who is next to Claus the Toymaker. Claus and Megan are citizens of the East, but are much beloved by all kingdoms and both are enormously talented.