Pennsic Battle Schedule Continues to Provoke Discussion

In a letter to the Royals of AEthelmearc, the East and the Middle and to Cooper's Lake officials, Sir Valdemar Ironfist of Calontir writes of his concerns about the Battle Schedule for Pennsic XXXII. Sir Valdemar has given his permission to repost a letter he sent recently to Their Majesties and Highnesses of the East, Middle and AEthelmearc, and to the Coopers. Since first this letter was posted, he has learned that battles are scheduled for the last Saturday of the War, although they will not be War Point battles. In addition, Sir Valdemar has asked that the discussion be civil and that people "write as politely as a person of noble bearing would, keep in mind that gentle ladies as well as warrior Kings are reading their words and that they are addressing Royalty."

Unto Their Royal Majesties, Highnesses and Coopers Lake Officials does Sir Valdemar Ironfist of Calontir Send Greetings and These Words,

I am writing to express my profound disappointment that in the Pennsic schedule there are no Warpoint battles scheduled for the last Saturday. Although I do not consider myself an "Old Timer" in the Society, I remember Pensic Wars that had bridge battles on Sunday morning. The schedule has continually been cut back to the point now that no organized battles occur on Saturday. Much less Warpoint battles. This results in many of the attendees packing up and leaving on Saturday. The traffic that this engenders, the empty camps, trash that is dumped and the Coopers seeing fit to use their front end loading tractors to deal with the trash, effectively ends the war on Saturday. As far as I am concerned, I and the other attendees of the War are paying for a day of War we do not receive. Why is this being done? Is it necessary? Do the Coopers not make enough money on the War that they could give up a day, or several, that is not "officially" part of the War for clean up? If everyone is required to leave on Sunday, why can't we have battles on Saturday? I do not send these words in anger but in sadness and because I feel I must speak out on something that is not right. I pray you who have the power to do something about this, to do it.

Sir Valdemar

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Follow-up to Sir Valdemar


Though I may agree with your sentiment about not having battles on Saturday, I do find your assumption that the Land Owners (The Coopers) are in any way responsible for this. The event schedule and timing thereof is completely within the control of The Royalty and Event Staff. The decision to not have battles (or War-pointable Battles, better yet) on Saturday, was the decision of the Royal Highness's of the East and Middle.

Over the years,as we have lengthend Pennsic from a weekend event to two fullweeks, more people are coming earlier and leaving earlier as their vacations only allow x numebr of days and getting the Monday "after" PEnnsic is harder than say coming in on Tuesday before.... Just a matter of personal timing.

And since I do not like "anon" postings, I list my name and email below, for anyon who might like to contact me.


Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, ETC., ETC., ETC.,

Mayor for Pennsic War 33.