Breast Cancer Fundraiser Archery Shoot at Pennsic

THL Ce'tach Fitzgibbon has announced that there will be a "100 Shaft Endurance Challenge" at Pennsic 34 to benefit research to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

THL Ce'tach writes:

Greetings Archers of the Known World,

I am Ce'tach Fitzgibbon, a humble archer from Aethelmearc. Recently, Queen Tessa of Aethelmearc asked the archers of our fair Kingdom to endeavor to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Research. Taking up this quest, I invented the 100 Shaft Endurance Challenge as a fundraiser and encouraged the Aethelmearc Archers to participate and raise money.

As of this writing, the archers of our sylvan lands have raised over $1300 to this end in what has been an honorable and noble endeavor.

However, I am not satisfied with this amount. I know with the help of the archers of the known world, that we could double, nay, even triple the funds raised.

Therefore, I am hosting my endurance challenge as a novelty shoot at the coming Pennsic War. The shoot will be Friday August 12 starting at 10 am and go until 2 pm. Attendance is not necessary for the full four hours, only about 30 minutes, which is the average time it takes to loose 100 shafts.

The rules are simple. There is a target at 20 yards with three scoring areas. Each archer will loose 100 shafts at the target in succession (10 per round). Each archer will score themselves. Then, and this is the important part, each archer will take their scores and honor back to their camp and friends and ask for a sponsoring donation of at least $1 (of course, more is acceptable). The funds will then be submitted to myself or one of my deputies to be presented to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (my chosen charity).

To encourage the archers to participate, there are several small prizes to be announced. To qualify for the small prizes, each archer must raise a minimum of $20. Winners for these prizes will be randomly drawn from the qualifying archers.

There will also be a grand prize of a set of hand-made, self-nocked, tied-on-fletching arrows graciously made by Lady Cionaodh Gunn of Stelton Wald, Aethelmearc. These are a wonderful prize, worthy of the best and most dedicated archers. Therefore, this prize will be randomly drawn from a pool or archers that have distinquished themselves either by shooting the highest scores or raising the most funds.

This is great cause and there is something we can do to help, so please come on out and shoot and help us help find a cure for Breast Cancer.

Yours in Service,
THL Ce'tach Fitzgibbon

THL Ce'tach Fitzgibbon,

THL Ce'tach Fitzgibbon, I am an archer from Atlantia and I will be honored to help raise money to fight Breast Cancer at your 100 arrow shoot. I will do my best to circulate this invitation amongst the arching community for you. Lord Seamus MacCrae of Bright Hills