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Heard something about Egil's you do not like or find hard to believe??? This is the place to ask!!! Lets set all the rumors to rest, ask and find answers here!!! - Baroness Katerine


WE HAVE A NEW RUMOR!!!! Egil's has been or might be canceled. FALSE! Please do not feed the rumor mill. Thank you! Baroness Katerine


AN EGIL'S UPDATE..... The Bid packets for Egil's Autocrats are due at our Branches December counsel. I hope to be announcing on this forum who will be running Egil's soon after that meeting. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION!! Baroness Katerine


EGIL’S MERCHANT RUMORS; “You can’t vend unless you’re Norse.


EGIL’S RUMORS Here are a few persistent rumors we have to answer to every year.... "You have to be Norse to attend Egil’s!" -NOT TRUE, all personas are warmly welcomed to Egil's!! “You must dress Norse to attend Egil’s

Can I not figure this thing out

Can I not figure this thing out, or is no one posting? I can't get a listing of previous posts to read.

The only post on this thread

Until you posted, the only post on this thread was the one creating it initially. Justin

Would that mean that Baroness

Would that mean that Baroness Kate generated all those rumors herself then? They sound more like questions than rumors to me. If I had a question, I think I'd be a little insulted to have them refered to as "rumors", but if it's Kate asking and answering herself, I don't suppose there's any insult intended.

The list was generated from people

The list was generated from people all over both Adiantum and the Summits. They are statements about Egil's, not questions. I had thought the list might get people thinking about all the things they have heard about Egil's that have answers but usually do not get addressed. Baroness Katerine (Please, Please not Kate, there alredy is one.)


Well it seems that this has no real use now, so I will not be moderating it any more. I will also attempt to take it off line if possible. It makes me very proud that people seem to have moved past all the silliness about Egil's!!!

-Baroness Katerine

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