The Barony of the Far West Comes to Pennsic!

Ysabelle d'Angiers, Palatine Baroness of the Far West, has announced that the Barony of the Far West will be represented for the first time at Pennsic 34.

Her Excellency writes:

Let all know that The Far West is going to Pennsic for the first time as a Barony. We go, of course, to support our King as he lends the swords and spirits of the Western Army to his allies to defeat their most wicked foes. The Far West Baronial Levy can be found at the Drachenwald encampment. If anyone speaks Japanese or is interested in Japanese culture, three of our group, including the Baron, are Japanese nationals, one of whom is a champion horseback archer. I will be teaching the class "Dresses to Die For: Mourning Clothes in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance." If anyone is interested in this topic and will not be at Pennsic, please feel free to email me privately for a class handout.

Ysabelle d'Angiers
Palatine Baroness of the Far West

The Barony of the Far West consists of six cantons in Japan, Korea and Guam. For more information on the Barony, visit their website at: