Iron Oak Debuts Redesigned, Highly Interactive SCA Web Site

The Incipient Canton of Iron Oak in the Pentamere Region of the Middle Kingdom has completed a total refit and redesign of their home site, said to be the first site in the region based fully on Flash interactive content. The new site is a complete Flash experience with animation and audio. This is the first site of its kind in the Middle Kingdom, according to the webmaster.

The site has gone live as of January 17th. The web minister expects to make it a highly interactive information and entertainment resource for all SCA and medieval enthusiasts. Plans are in the works for creating animated tutorials on subjects such as melee combat, armor construction, garb making, woodworking, etc. These tutorials will have diagrams and audio narration.

Flash is a registered trademark of Macromedia.

Doesn't work on my machine :-(

I have Flash installed, but am one version back and didn't have time to upgrade just now. I can't see anything on the site. (sigh)