Who's Afraid of Beowulf?

Pack up your longships and pray for wind! The vile menace of Grendel once again threatens our fair shire, and we call upon all our cousins, near and far, to aid us in our struggle against this infectious evil! When we have emerged victorious and beaten Grendel into submission (as we surely will!), there will be great mirth and celebration.

All entrants in the the heavy tourney must procure a resident of Hrafnafjordr as their consort. The winner of the tourney will hold the Axe of Might and be named the Protector of Hrafnafjordr for one year. This warrior is strongly encouraged to attend shire events- by next year's Beowulf, the dark magic of Grendel himself, which has infected the Axe of Might, will surely have transformed our Champion into a creature of evil, a creature who must in turn be dispatched.

Aside from the heavy tourney, there will be many other activities as well, including a rapier tourney, archery competition, and caber toss (held over from Highland Games), as well as dancing and a 'farewell to summer' bardic.

Autocrat: Gunnar Olfuss (mka Ben Stevens) naked_brewer@hotmail.com

Site information: Site is Creavanore, Gunnar and LasairĂ­ona's home, 47398 Commerce, Soldotna. There is water (cold only) available on site, in small quantities. Remember to bring your bug dope; our mosquitoes are particularly persistent. Site opens at 5 p.m. on Friday and closes at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Site fee: is $5 member adults; $8 non-member adults; $3 children 5-12; under 5 free.

Feast: Will be potluck; we trust you to use your judgment as to what to bring. Remember that we will be feeding hungry Vikings, so please bring enough to share!

Directions: Take the Sterling Hwy. straight through Soldotna, across the Kenai River bridge*, to Kalifornsky Beach Rd. Turn right and take K-Beach past the Sports Center and the College to Liberty, on the left- it's the last left before the stoplight at Poppy. Take Liberty 1 block to the 'T' intersection at Commerce; turn right. We are the only house on the right, a brown house with a green metal roof. SCA signs will be out.

*Be advised that there is major construction taking place on the Kenai River bridge; this may cause you a slight delay, so be patient.