The Fight For Hope Comes to the Pennsic War!

Hugo Van Halle has issued a challenge to join him on the field of combat at Pennsic 34 in order to raise awareness and funds for Fisher House.

Hugo Van Halle writes:

I am trying to raise awareness of and funds for the Fisher House. By way of a rolling charity bout, a small donation gains you 3 passes with the weapon combination of choice. I intend to be on the field in the afternoon hours taking all who have the capacity to fight. For the interested Lord or Lady who has not the skill of arms, I offer you a match of arm wrestling. Have you the intention of a peaceful encounter I will have several jokes on hand to tell. Two or three at least!

The Fight For Hope is an effort to raise funds for and awareness of the Fisher House. Basically the Fisher House is very similar to the Ronald McDonald house. The Fisher House serves members of the military community. Active duty Reserve and National Guard, as well as family members.

I know. I found out personally how excellent their services can be the hard way. to find out more, please visit my website.