SCAdians Teach at Herr Memorial Library

"You don't grow old and you don't grow bored," said Lord BradBodad'aylward of the SCA at a recent library demo in Milton, Pennsylvania. Members helped bring the Middle Ages to children at the Herr Memorial Library's summer reading club festival.

The Medieval Fair was held at the VFW Firemen's Carnival Grounds with members of the local SCA group demonstrating their arts and skills.

"Members will give themselves..."

"Members will give themselves a name and learn a craft or trade of their interests. The art must be learned and used exactly as it was during the time period. An example given was that articles of clothing must have a certain number of stitches, matching that of authentic attire found in museums."

Of course, there are NO such requirements of SCA participants. Sounds like somebody was confusing the reporter with details about requirements for Laurels, or Guild Masters.