"Omigoditsverysilly" Bardic at Pennsic War

Justinian, of the Kingdom of Ealdormere, has announced that there will be a "Omigoditsverysilly" Bardic around the Fools Rest Fire on Sunday, August 14 at Pennsic 34.

Justinian writes:

On The Second Sunday of Pennsic, the one in the Middle, eh? THL Uncle J will be hosting a "omigoditsverysilly" Bardic around the Fools Rest Fire.

The Challenge will be to keep to "Where oh Where Are you Sir Knight" song going for at least 30 verses.

For a version of the original see http://www-cs.canisius.edu/~salley/Bard.book/where.sir.knight.html

Verses must be about members of the Peerage orders.

Chori which follow non-knight verses will likely be different.

For Example:
Oh Where are You, Master of Mine
You've gone and left me here all alone.
I searched through the lib'ry for documentation
You found a good source and PSSTBTH you was gone.

(Ok, that's weak. But its an example)

Other silly, irreverent, treasonous, scandlous and weird songs and stories are welcome. The only restriction is that is HAS to have something to do with something pre-1650 or the Sca. It also has to be non-serious. We will have a GONG to deal with serious or maudlin tales or songs.

Justinian, who will have at least 10 verses ready.