Pirate's Revel

"Shiver me timbers and shiver my soul. There are men whose hearts are as black as coal. And they sail their ships 'cross the ocean blue; A blood thirsty captain and a cutthroat crew. It's as dark a tale as ever told of the lust For treasure and love of gold."

Ahoy maties! Join our hearty crews at Centennial Park. Talk like a pirate, swagger like a pirate; be a pirate for the weekend. You'll have so much fun you will be too tired to row home.

We will have the pirate team competition again (to include one heavy fighter, one rapier fighter, one A&S and one child). If you don't have a team, we will find you one. AARRH! Sunday will see the Fairy Quest for smaller children and a map quest for the older children. Sunday will have the Baronial Rapier Champion tourney and a heavy tourney. There will also be a Rapier Prize Fight. Contests - Best pirate persona, something a Pirate would have, Best ships/pirate banner. The Baronial A&S Competition is Viking dish with documentation.

Feast is potluck by the first letter of your modern name:
A-E Desserts
F-J Vegetables
K-O Meat dishes
P- T Starches
U-Z Breads/spreads/cheeses

Site Fee: Adults$7 (members get a discount) Children 12 to 4 $3 Children - 3 under free. The site opens Friday night after 7 pm and closes Sunday at 4 pm.