Photos from Hunting Season in Austria Available

For the sixth year the shire of Ad Flumen Caerulum opened the hunting season and once more invited all archers to celebrate the begin of the hunt. The photos of this hunting season (15-17.07.2005) are now available online.

Visit the Ad Flumen Caerulum website and:
click: "English Version"
than go to: "Hunting Season"
and than go to: "to our Photo Album"
and than to: "2005 Hunting Season"

or a direct way to the Picture Frames: Hunting Season 2005

Sorry for posting this news two times

Sorry for posting this news two times - I thought it didnt work at the first time.


PS: Some new photos have arrived! editorial scheduling

No problem -- a lot of our readers don't realize that contributed news has to be reviewed by an editor before publication, or that we have an editorial schedule with a leadtime of several days.

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