Horseradish War IV

The men and women of the Shire of Baerenau are desperately seeking for help! A tremendous and unbelievable tragedy we are facing. On a hot summer night with a clear star sprinkled sky an enemy so sly and impudent came over us and stole the holiest relict we have, the shrine of the horseradish. These dirty thieves poisoned our guards and keepers of the shrine and took away what never should leave the Shire. Our spirit, the source our lives and the root of Baerenau. All we had left was a trace of Knockebrot crumps to the Northwest! By all we know this could be a false trace, nevertheless we are now on a quest. Leaving our beloved lands with our best trackers we go to war. On the way we seek for friends who will join us to meet on the second day of September on a field close to a little village at Lubeck-Kucknitz. There we will collect our powers to then strike these faceless and cowardly rogues!

There will be heavy fighting as well as fencing and A&S activities. We are still trying to arrange for archery. For the A&S war point we are looking forward to get some projects circling around the Horseradish! Site:
Bau-und Geschichtsspielplatz Roter Hahn
Pommernring 58, 23569 Lubeck-Kucknitz, Site opens on Friday 17:00 and closes Sunday 14:00.

Restrictions: no parking on Site, fire off the ground, the Site is a little medieval village so there are animals living goats, sheep, horses and chickens, mundane tents are allowed but not in the area of the medieval Buildings

Cost: 25 Euro (including Site fee, Welcome Soup on Friday, Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday, Barbeque on Saturday)per person, children under 10 pay only 5 Euro for the food. Registration: last day for registration 21.08.05 (the Site is limited to 100 people), send your registration to