AEthelmearc Scribal College at Pennsic

Mistress Daedra McBeth a Gryphon, Coordinator of the AEthelmearc Scribal College at Pennsic, has announced that the College is open to all interested in the scribal arts. Registration is required.

Mistress Daedra writes:


Seating for single session limited size classes will be on a first come basis, with a sign in sheet posted at the pavilion entrance. The list will only have spaces for the number of students and auditors a teacher has stipulated.

Students and those wishing to audit may sign up for the Beginner and Advanced tracks, from 10am to 11 am on Sunday, August 14th. If any spaces are available after that time, they may be claimed on Monday, at the first class of the track.

Fees will be collected during that first class.

Teachers are asked to record payment on their sign-up list and pass it on to the next teacher to verify attendance. They should also set aside class materials for any registered student who misses part of a multi-session class or track.

Please note: It is the STUDENT's responsibility to collect such materials from the pavilion BEFORE the final Saturday of War.

There will be NO refunds if a student drops out after the first class. If a student fails to show for the first class, their "registration" is null, and an auditor may officially take that student's place. The teacher or coordinator will note the change on the sign up list and may elect to authorize a refund only under those circumstances.

Since teachers have a limited number of handouts and materials, there is no practical way to change a student's status once the first class session is over. Students are reminded that registering for a class is a serious commitment. If you are aware that you may not be able to attend all the sessions of a particular class or track, PLEASE be courteous not only to the teacher but to your fellow scribes and leave the space for someone else who CAN.

Yours in Service,