Crossing the Border with Rapier Equipment

Lady Aymee D'Ivry reports on her experiences on crossing the border between Canada and the United States with rapier equipment.

Lady Aymee writes:

Note to rapier (any) fighters crossing the border from a Canandian who has crossed with rapiers... they are SPORTS EQUIPMENT. I was suggested this by another Canadian and I have had no problems crossing with 2 rapiers. If they ask what kind of sports equipment you say politely a tipped, non sharpened rapier for fencing...(let them see it if they want). The border guards here (pigeon river) have had us cross many times and they know about the SCA. I rarely get hassled anymore when I am gone for a weekend and come home with nothing (hard to explain being in th U.S. and not buying anything all weekend). If you can have a copy of the planned classes you are attending(just in case they ask you what you are going to be doing). In general we have not had many problems, any regalia you are bringing BELONGS TO YOU! You are bringing it across and bringing it back. The experience at the border can change from moment to moment. So if you expect to have to take some time crossing it is better than being ticked cause now these people want to look at my happened once, going into the states, we were there 15 minutes). Anything else I can assist with let me know

Lady Aymee D'Ivry