Unchained Doom: Dead Man's Party

Spain, 1469. After centuries of infighting between warring principalities-Spain was on the path to unification with the marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile. It would take another five years to for Ferdinand and Isabella to ascend to the throne, during which tensions remained high...

On the eve of the coronation- a dead body is found. Whispers run rampant that that an attempt on the King's life has been made. And while the populace has gathered to watch a tournament in honor of the new King, an investigation begins....

Unchained Doom: Dead Man's Party is the sixteenth edition of the Shire of An Dun Theine's annual fall event. Fighting and feasting are, as usual, the order of the day. But, as usual, this Doom has a twist. Or fourteen.

This year's Doom also includes an engaging interactive murder mystery- elements and clues to the puzzle will be revealed at several points during the event-and on the event website. New mystery clues and content as well as hidden pages will be added throughout the summer.


Feel free to look around and find out more about the event. But know this- anything could be a clue.

And we're not telling. Yet.

Join us at the Cumberland Centre on September 24th to put the pieces together and solve the murder. Or just show up to join the usual mayhem.