Ansteorra Firefighter Displays Tribute in NYC Museum

A hand-tooled, leather tribute created by Lord Mordane Garrett (Scot Wengland) is on display at the New York City Firefighters' Museum. Lord Mordane's work was commissioned by the Oklahoma City Fire Department as a tribute to a delegation of New York firefighters who helped with rescue in the Oklahoma City bombing and were subsequently killed in the September 11 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Argyle du Loc writes:

The Good Gentle mentioned in this e-mail is Scot Wengland, aka Lord  Mordane Garrett. He is from the Barony of Namron, Kingdom of Ansteorra. He was  selected and commissioned by Oklahoma City, OK, Fire Department to make a  tribute presentation for the Delegation from FDNY (Fire Department New  York). On April 19th 1995 FDNY sent a team of Firefighters to assist  Oklahoma City in the Alfred P. Murrah Building Bombing. All the  Firefighters that came to Oklahoma City died in the World Trade Center  Collapse on September 11th 2001. This was to be presented  at the  10th Anniversary of the Murrah Building Bombing. Lord Mordane who was also  a rescuer at the Oklahoma City Bombing was Honored for his work and made  the Presentation in a private ceremony to FDNY. The e-mail below is from  the Firefighter that was given charge of the tribute. It is currently on  display in the New York City Firefighters Museum. This is a great Honor  for Ansteorra to have an artisan from the Stellar Star to be Displayed in  a museum for all the world to see.

  In an email to Lord Mordane following a visit to the Firefighter's Museum in New York City, Toolie Lopez writes:


I'm sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner. Two days after getting home from OKC, I made a trip to the Fire Museum in NYC. I left the leather with the people of the museum. they said that they could not guarantee that the leather could be displayed because there were soooo many donations from around the country, that it was physically impossible to display them all. I did not get back to you because all your info was on the back of the leather. I told them , that if they could not display it I want it back so that I could display it in my firehouse. Engine 90 / Ladder 41 in the Bronx. The museum is out of the way from where I live. Today, I had the honor of going to the museum and I saw your work displayed next to a "cross" made of welded chains from a fire truck that was "lost" in the attack and this photo I have attached.. The photo was taken by Rich Rattazzi. He and Ray Murphy (on the right ) and Bob Curatola(on the left) walked into the direction of the south tower which had just come down. They found an injured civilian and told Rich to bring the person to EMS and they were going to continue searching. Rich pulled a throw away camera and without looking in the lens finder, he just clicked. all the while the north tower on their left is still burning. When Ratazzi returned he met with the cheifs at the command area. They said that l-16 was ordered to retreat and that he better do the same. The only problem was that Ray and Bob were from l-16 but they and Rich came down on their own. They didn't have radioes and they never recieved the order to leave. that is the last picture of Ray and Bob alive.