Equus Bellator

Unto the Equestrians of Drachenwald and their retinues do the horsemen and women of Insulae Draconis send greetings and invitation to attend an Equestrian Collegium and Competition in the fair Shire of Thamesreach. On Saturday there will be training in mounted skill-at-arms; we will behead our enemies, tilt at rings, impale pigs and try our lances at the quintain.

There will be additional unmounted classes for those interested in caparisons or groundcrewing. On Sunday we will put our skills to the test to determine which of our fine steeds is deserving of the title Equus Bellator, the finest Warhorse in Drachenwald!

Date: Friday 9th - Sunday 11th September 2005.
Event Steward: Lord Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale jpgsawyer@btopenworld.com

Full details can be viewed at: http://www.thamesreach.org/event/equus_bellator.html