Riding the Carousel

Lady Miriam von Schwarzwald of the Barony of Forgotten Sea, reports on her visit to Calontir's recent Carousel event. In addition, Annalies Grossmund adds some thoughts on the same event.

Lady Miriam writes:

I had a BLAST. The carousel was FUN, FUN, FUN. The games were blindfolded joust, Giant cathedral (x2), Calontir trivia, pirate shoot, combat archery, champion challenge, archery, speed heraldry, trebuchet, spear challenge, sheep herding (x2), and barroom bardic.

The blindfolded joust had one team member on "horseback" pushed by one or more blindfolded teammates to spear a ring hanging from a pole. Giant cathedral had a huge grid and the pieces were boxes taped together. Two teams played each other at a time. Each group had to play twice with different opponents. Calontir trivia had some HARD questions. The Pirate shoot had a small catapult used at a Castle. After two teams compared scores, the fighters had different types of scenarios to achieve a win or lose for the team. Combat archery was on a balance board... balancing and concentrating on a target with combat archery is hard. The champion challenge had three parts. There was three general trivia questions, an archery portion, then a fighter portion. The trivia and archery determined the handicap to the Baronial champions. Archery had two parts, a speed trial and a defender/siege scenario that had a heraldry component. Speed heraldry was a form of the game gossip. Trebuchet was shooting at a target. The spear challenge was numbered targets in a circle. Handicaps were given for different things. Sheep herding was another team challenge we had to do twice against two different teams (like cathedral). It changed as the "sheep" died. Early in the day the object was a head to head race to push/carry a "sheep" into the pen. The sheep were balloons with some sand in with the air. Later in the day it was a relay race. Neither time were using hands allowed on the way to the pen. Barroom bardic had one sentence situations that we had to select one the had to improv a piece about. Teams had 5 minutes to prepare for their performance for the 3 judges.

My team did not win, but we had the most fun. Court had some big laughs. Feast was good, I was in the kitchen... The singing around the fire lasted past 3.

It was also fun to see Queen Katrine come into court riding on the "horse" from the blindfolded joust. She was pulled along by members of the Fyrd. This added to the humor in court.

Miriam von Schwarzwald

Annalies Grossmund, who also attended, writes:

The site reminded me of nothing so much as the beautiful mill site, where JoeAngus and Phaedra stepped up to their second reign. It was a long, broad meadow along a river bottom, heavily treed on both sides with magnificent, tall trees. To one side, the trees bordered a small river (with a swimming area within walking distance). On the other side, the tall trees provided shade for tents, and then progressed into a heavily wooded, steep hillside.

My personal favorite on the various entertainments and challenges was the spear ring. Most entertaining was when a daring young man from Outlands performed the spear ring with speed and dispatch - while blindfolded. Much of the credit also goes to his teammates, who helped him locate the targets by voice and height. It was with only great effort that I was able to suppress my thoughts, and refrain from crying out, "Use the force, Luke!"

Other highly entertaining parts of the carousel included the ring lance, performed blindfolded - both rider and steed/s; and the sheep herding, which resulted in the loud, sudden, and unfortunate demise of a good many sheep. Also quite entertaining was the barroom bardic, which lends support to the idea that necessity (or perhaps desperation) is the mother of many amusing inventions, in the form of stories, skits, and songs.

And while it was wonderful to see and hear His Royal Majesty Tristram heralded in to court as the sun descended, it was truly inspiring to see Her Royal Majesty Katrine enter on the finest palomino palfrey, with trappings in the blue and green of Three Rivers.

The feast was wondrous! The lamb especially was delectable. Many thanks to Meredydd and all those who helped cook, serve, and clean up. The music and ball were well appreciated, for those too tired and full to move far.

To those of you who didn't go… you missed a really GREAT time!