Newcomer's Feast III

The populace of Pavlovsk Gavan would like to invite you to join us as we celebrate our 3rd annual Newcomer's Feast on Saturday, October 8th. The theme this year is the The Land of Cockaigne. The feastocrat is busy creating courses with subtelties to represent a 14th century Cockney fable. As has been done previously, feast will run a several courses. Bards and entertainers are being sought for between courses. Instructors are being sought for classes and workshops to take place either Saturday at the event or Sunday off-site. The site will be the gym at St. Mary's school on Mill Bay Road in Kodiak. Site will open at 11am for set-up and will close at 8pm. This is a dry site, however, the traditional post-event bardic will take place at Lady Tama's. Off-island visitors will be provided with crash space and transportation as needed. Site fees and further details will be forth coming as summer progresses. For more information, contact Lady Tama (Tamie Everton Fogle)

Please distribute this information on e-lists and in newsletters as appropriate.

In Service,