Fighters Fought Well at 12th Night

Figthers fought well at 2nd Annual College of Val d'Azure 12th Night Tournament First I would like to thank our friends for a wonderful event!

The day started with everyone starting to arrive about 1:00 pm. There were games being played--chess and more. There was an A&S judging also. The tournaments started out with the Novice tournament, and it was proceeded by the main Tournament. Many fighters were there with a lot of knowledge and talent amongst them all.

Congratulations go to Lord Gunnr who won the Novice Tournament. He fought his opponents well and with honor and chivalry. Congratulations also go to his knight, Sir Ullr, who won the main tournament. He always fought his opponents well and with honor and chivalry.

There amongst the crowd was a group of Boy Scouts. They watched as the fighters fought, played games and then joined us all in feast.

After all the fighting. Feast was served. THL Rachaol MacKreith and Lady Jennifer and their servers served a great feast. It was very filling and bountiful for all.

There was dancing by Lady Greenbriar and singing from two wee lads who sang for their supper.

Sir Omarad awarded prizes to the winner of the games contest and to the winner of the games/fighting contest. A lad from the Boy Scout group won for the games and Sir Omarad's squire, Ironwolf(?) (forgive me if that name is wrong) won for the games/fighting contest.

All the fighters fought well and with honor and chivalry and had fun.

Congratulations to all!