And a Good Time was had by All at Warlords & Warriors XII

Her Excellency Elashava bas Riva, Seneschal of the Kingdom of Northshield, reports on a fine time had at the recent Warlords & Warriors event.

Shava writes: was good to be in Northshield this past weekend--especially at Warlords & Warriors XII.

I certainly wasn't everywhere (in fact, I was in a lot of meetings but even those were good in their own way) but there was no way that anyone could be everywhere. Simultaneous activities all over camp kept making many wish they could clone themselves to be able to enjoy even more. Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn and THL Iohanna Carracci need to be commended, applauded, and held in awe for assembling such a wonderful staff that kept the event running smoothly despite even a flood through the duSoleil camp in the middle of one of the dryest, hottest WWs that I can remember.

Nope. I wasn't everywhere. I can only record the memories that will stick out for me. I'm sure that others will post their own memories and once we put them together we'll have a fuller picture of the weekend where a bit over 1000 people played together. Here are my highpoints:

  1. Being able to beg the boon from TRM Tarrach & Fina to have Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev recognized as a Companion of the Order of the Pelican and to witness this moment in our history.
  2. Being witness to Cannech ruadh macGuairi and Cinniu ingen Chuthbad recognized as Companions of the Order of the Laurel.
  3. Being a witness to Cecil Hagen being put on vigil for the Chivalry to become Northshield's 1st.
  4. Watching some incredible fighting at the non-scarf tournament and having the honour to be one of the judges along with the likes of Syr Guillaume, Syr Logos & Countess Bridei.
  5. Being a witness to some of the entries in TRM's A&S Challenge. WOW! If you missed that, you missed one of the best displays and presentations of A&S in Northshield that I have ever had the privilege to witness. Each entrant had to orally present their piece and answer questions to a panel of judges that consisted of Their Royal Majesties and all of the other contestants.
  6. Having the honour to take my second apprentice, Lady Freydís in tryggva Sigurðardóttir, with all of our household present.
  7. Having a pleasant hour or so sitting in the shade having tea with some very good friends.
  8. Getting the last root beer float before the ice cream ran out.

Oh, I missed a lot. I missed much of the bardic stuff. I missed the dancing. I missed archery & thrown weapons. I missed the youth combat & other activities. I only saw one of the fowl there. I even missed armoured combat on the whole. *sigh* And most of all, I missed the Nordskogen Theatre Troupe's production (can it happen more than once next year???? Please????)

Thank you to the Baronies of Jararvellir & Nordskogen for hosting this wonderful weekend. Thank you to all of the members of both Baronies and their friends who worked til they were ready to fall over to make sure that it ran smoothly.