"I registered at SCAtoday.net and all I got was...nothing!"

So, you tried to register for a personal account at SCAtoday.net, and you never got your emailed confirmation and password? Here's what went wrong, and what to do.

"It's a tragic story, afflicting millions of innocents." Well, dozens, anyway. You visit SCAtoday.net a few times, and you decide you'd like to register for an account of your own. Maybe you want to contribute things and actually get credit instead of having the author listed as "Anonymous". Maybe you would like to customize what features are on the home page. Maybe you want to post comments to stories or forums.

Whatever the reason, you follow the link to the user registration page, pick a user name, type your email address, submit the form, and wait as instructed. Then...nothing! It's as if your request just dropped into the Great Void Of Lost Bits. What happened? What should you do about it?

Causes of Failed Registrations

Our system tries to email your password and some instructions within minutes after you register. If the message hasn't reached you within an hour after you register, here are some things that might have gone wrong:

  • You mistyped your email address.
    This happens a lot, especially for people with long addresses and numbers or punctuation characters in the address. Since the only information we have on you is the email address that you typed, if it's wrong, we have absolutely no way to contact you to ask for the right one.
  • Your mailbox is full.
    Another common problem is that your ISP may say that your mailbox is full. Our system will try again after a while, but if it's still full, our server will eventually have no choice but to give up.
  • Your system thinks we are spammers.
    It's unfortunate that a lot of spammers send out mail with subjects like "Confirming your account" or "Thank you for registering to receive our messages" that imply that you actually asked for their garbage. What is really bad about this is that a lot of spam filters mistake account registrations from SCAtoday.net and other web sites for spam, and either discard them or file them in a junk mail folder.
  • You have a challenge/response email filter.
    Some people have a challenge/response email filter, which means that the first message from a stranger (in this case, us) will "bounce" back to the sender with instructions for that sender to answer questions to prove they are a real person instead of a spambot. That's fine in theory, but our web server is not a real person, and can't answer those questions for you. Ergo, the registration you requested is blocked at the receiving end by your spam filter.

What to do?

When your registration is "lost", it doesn't mean you weren't registered, only that our server couldn't send the confirmation to you by email. Your registration is in our database, and if you contact us, we can manually activate it for you.

Some other hints to help you:

  • Wait at least an hour before you decide there's a problem. Sometimes email just takes a while to get through.
  • Don't register again with a different username. Let us help you fix the first one instead. Don't worry—this sort of problem happens, and usually we can work with you to fix it.
  • If you have spam filtering software that with user preference settings, try adding the domain scatoday.net as to your spam whitelist.
  • If you use one of those challenge/response systems, you'll definitely need to whitelist the scatoday.net domain in order to get email from us, including if you send email to the webmaster. Because of the volume of mail we receive, we don't have time to respond to those anti-spam challenge messages.
  • Keep your mailbox trimmed down so it doesn't fill up.
  • Try using the "Request New Password" feature after you have found and fixed one of the above problems with your mailbox. The "new password" message will give you the same information as the original registration confirmation message would have.
  • If you contact us for help, please send the user name you picked, and (if you are willing) a telephone number where we can reach you. We don't ever disclose phone numbers publicly; we would use it only to help solve your registration problem. Do not ever send your password to us by email -- we don't need it in order to administer your account. Anyone who claims to be from SCAtoday.net who asks you for your password or any other private information is not really us, and is "phishing" to trick you into revealing information to them.
  • If you receive an error message from our server, include the entire message (cut and paste it) in an email to the webmaster or publisher.
  • Above all else: When registering at SCAtoday.net, type carefully, because the data you provide on the registration form is our server's only way of reaching you.

"I can't login!"

Be sure cookies are enabled in your browser for the scatoday.net domain, and be sure you have correctly typed your username and password in the login screen. These two problems account for well over 90% of the queries we get from people who have an account but can't login to it.