Swedish University Offers Online Viking Classes

Gotland University in Sweden is offering two Internet-based courses on Viking history. The courses are free except for the texts and related literature. The following is a press release from Gotland University in Sweden:

Gotland University is marketing two new University courses open on an international level. The courses are fully in English. One course is an Internet course to be given this spring, and next autumn. The second course is a field course dealing with the Viking Landscape, and concentrated to an excavation of a tremendous rich Viking harbour and trading place on the island of Gotland (http://frojel.hgo.se). Gotland is an extremely rich Viking island, where there have been found more then 700 gold and silver hoards from Viking Age. To give you some ideas about Gotland, please visit http://www.vikinggotland.com .

The University has now, finally, got all the information up, as well as an application form. I might add that University courses in Sweden always are free of charge. You might have to register at the students "office", and you have to pay for the literature. But besides that, there are no fee for the course itself.

When it comes to the field course, we do arrange a package for housing, food, local transportation and equipment etc. for those who have problem to arrange the living. So, if you are interested to find out more about Vikings, or take part in the discovery of their history, please visit the link below. I would of course be most grateful if you could help me spread the word around, like putting it on different email lists etc.


Best regards

Dan Carlsson


Associate Professor Dan Carlsson