Hartstone fighter to honor SCAdians in uniform at Pennsic War

Lord Wulfr Drachenhand, of the Shire of Hartstone in Aethelmearc, will hold the field against all challengers on three days at Pennsic, as a tribute to SCAdians serving abroad in the Armed Forces.

Wulfr's Armed Services Homage at Pennsic are taking shape. During the winter months of 2003, the heartrending news that our loved ones were to be deployed into war came from Washington. Having been honorably discharged only three years previous from the U.S. Marine Corps, Hartstone's Lord Wulfr Drachenhand wanted to honor all of the men and women who were, and are still, serving overseas. Feeling that the best way to show support for his comrades across the world would be to fight with them in spirit for three days at the Pennsic War in Cooper's Lake, his homage was born.

For three days at Pennsic, Wulfr will take to the field to fight any and all who want to show their support to our brothers and sisters currently serving. Blank postcards will be on hand, so that anyone wishing to send greetings overseas may do so. As our Pennsic War winds down, we will address the postcards and send them to SCA soldiers, letting them know how much we appreciate the sacrifice that they are making in the name of freedom. We will also be collecting donations for the Disabled Veteran's Association.

If you know of a SCAdian currently serving in the armed forces who would welcome a postcard from Pennsic, please forward their information to Renata the posh rot (in care of Katriona: katriona@stny.rr.com. All contact information will be kept private, and names will not be published publically.

Check http://www.shireofhartstone.org/ (calendar2 page) for updated information as Pennsic draws closer!