Duchess Marion fitz William Placed on Vigil

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton announced that Duchess Marion fitz William of the Kingdom of Ealdormere has been placed on vigil to become a member of the Order of the Pelican.

Duchess Marion, who will serve as Ealdormere's Royalty Liaison at this year's Pennsic War, was last year's War Queen. Many Chroniclers remember Her Grace from her work on the Pennsic War Chronicle. The elevation is expected to take place at Pennsic.


Her Grace Marion will be helping

Her Grace Marion will be helping out all 18 sets (if they all come) of Royalty from all the Kingdoms of the Known World as Royalty Liaison for Pennsic...which is a wee bit more work than just working with Ealdormere

I hear it's quite the year-long job.....

Oh, and she's stepping up as Kingdom Seneschal soon....